Midnight Skull Sessions

This podcast went up late because REVENGER is best served cold. Also, love.

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Does anyone want to write podcast descriptions for me I am tired.

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I am bad at liking Star Wars.

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It's Christmas, and that means I call up Isaac and we chat about stuff to fill the void left in our lives when the rest of the Internet takes two weeks off. After complaining about video games being too long and hard, it's Greg's turn to regale the world with stories of Dragons, Drones, Cyborgs, and Cyber-Men. Merry Christmas, Cyber-Men!

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Finally, a moon detective who solves moon crimes.

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Let's see, what's this episode about? Short stories and Doctor Strange? I vaguely remember that. Oh! And someone FINALLY started their assigned reading.

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We go back in time to explore the quaint horror stories of Ambrose Bierce (who has been dead the whole time) and the scary stories of Frank Belknap Long (which are horrifying for all the wrong reasons).

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Greg and Isaac finally catch up on everything else they read during their summer vacation, except for the things they forgot. Isaac really doesn't want to hear about The Hike. A disagreement over how seriously to take a magical bureaucracy is had.

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Scary tales of vampire commuting for your vampire commute.

(So much depends


a suicide

motor club...)

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It's tempting to say we are at a loss for words, but that is clearly not the case.

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